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Need a tutor for your child?

At Primary Planet, we understand that your child is your world.

A solid foundation in learning is key to their future.

Primary Planet Tutoring Torbay,Home,Torquay Tutors,
Primary Planet Tutoring Torbay,Home,Torquay Tutors,

We are a local tutoring service in Torbay providing 1-2-1 and group sessions in primary phonics, maths, reading and writing.
We also offer group 11+ preparation.

At Primary Planet Tutoring we are all about creating a nurturing educational experience for your primary aged child.

We are here to help bridge any learning gaps, boost confidence and gain essential skills and knowledge in these subjects.

Welcome to the fantastic world of Primary Planet Tutoring!

A place where children can learn key skills and bridge gaps in learning as well as challenging themselves in a secure and inviting environment.

Primary Planet Tutoring Torbay,Home,Torquay Tutors,

Our focus? Maths, Reading, and Writing! We’re here to help bridge any learning gaps and boost confidence in these subjects.

But that’s not all! We also provide 11+ preparation required for Grammar School entry. We cover all the important bits in the Torbay exam syllabus for maths and English. These subjects are key to smashing those exams, and we are here to arm the students with all the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

From our welcoming homestyle classroom in Marldon, Paignton, we provide collaborative group sessions that will get them buzzing with excitement, as well as personalised one-to-one sessions that are tailored just for your child during the school holidays.  Our approach aligns perfectly with the school curriculum, allowing them to flourish and gain confidence, whilst having fun along the way!

At Primary Planet Tutoring, we believe in making learning hands-on and exciting, not just boring worksheets. So, get ready for practical resources and interactive activities that will keep your child engaged and encourage a love of learning.

And guess what? Our lessons start from just £25 per child for a group session or £35 for 1-2-1. Our goal is to provide an affordable and valuable educational service that parents can count on.

Choose a subject

We offer a range of primary core subjects that are crucial for your child’s success in
their learning journey. All subjects align perfectly with the national curriculum.

Our group sessions start from £25 for an hour session.

We believe that children often learn best through collaborative learning; from working with each other not just from the teacher.

This is why we offer small group sessions of up to 4 children, where children can work together to achieve a common learning goal. Learners benefit from interacting with their peers, sharing ideas, enhancing their critical thinking and problem solving skills, whilst being more engaged and motivated through active participation.

Our 1-2-1 sessions are available during the school holidays as intensive catch-up sessions.

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Step 1...

Enquire about a session

Decide on which subject you would like your child to participate in and fill out our easy contact us form.

Step 2...

Consultation and assessment

We will contact you to discuss your child's needs and arrange an initial session where we will assess your child's ability and identify the educational focus for your child.

Step 3...

Secure your child's place

Your child will be invited to join a group session with other children with the same educational focus. Once agreed, you will receive a secure login to access your child's learning journey.