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What sessions do we teach?

At Primary Planet we provide sessions based on the core primary subjects that your child will be learning in school.

In addition to this, we also prepare children for the 11+ tests for entry into grammar schools across Torbay.

Tutoring Sessions, Primary Planet

Phonics and Reading

Learning letter sounds and key words will enable children to learn to read.

Through the teaching of synthetic phonics, your child will learn to decode words, read fluently, with confidence and understanding to help develop a love of reading.

Tutoring Sessions, Primary Planet, Phonics & Reading
Tutoring Sessions, Primary Planet, writing tutors

Writing, Spelling and Grammar

From basic spelling and grammar, writing simple and complex sentences to composing creative stories.

Breaking down the writing process to enable your child to understand the complexities of writing words, sentences and narratives.

Maths; Fluency, Reasoning, Problem Solving and Mastery.

Following all the primary objectives for all aspects of Maths.

Teaching is based on the mastery approach used in schools where small step targets aim to avoid leaving any gaps in understanding.

Tutoring Sessions, Primary Planet, Maths Tutor Torbay
Tutoring Sessions, Primary Planet, 11 Plus Torbay

11+; English and Maths

GL Practice activities and papers specifically designed to help your child prepare for all Torquay Grammar School 11+ exams.

All aspects of Y4/5 English and Maths will be covered through fun, structured and motivating group sessions. Children will be given time to familiarise themselves with the 11+ format, content, develop strategies and exam techniques ready to succeed in the exam.

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