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How and what will my child learn?

Tutoring Sessions, Primary Planet, 11 Plus Torbay

11+; English and Maths

The 11+ test for Grammar Schools in Torbay is created to measure students’ English and Mathematics knowledge and skills.

This assessment reflects the high academic expectations of the grammar schools in the Torbay region. All schools in the Torbay area use the GL Assessment format for their 11+ exam. This assesses skills and knowledge across the English and Maths curriculum.

At Primary Planet Tutoring we provide students with small group tuition using GL Assessment resources.

We aim to make sessions fun, fast-paced and engaging for our students where they can work collaboratively to motivate each other. 11+ tuition begins in the September your child starts Y5, giving a year to prepare for the exams at the beginning of Y6. Sessions are also available from the beginning of Y4 which will reinforce the content of the Y4 and Y5 curriculum prior to focusing on the 11+ exam format and practice. 

Tutoring Sessions, Primary Planet, 11 Plus Torbay
Tutoring Sessions, Primary Planet, 11 Plus Torbay

Key things they will learn including...

These sections evaluate reading and understanding texts, making references and other comprehension skills, as well as a student’s knowledge of English words and their meanings, and the ability to accurately use them in sentences. They also test the understanding of English grammar rules and the ability to use correct punctuation and spelling.

These sections test the students’ skills in mathematical problem-solving and logical reasoning. The paper will include questions on number operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, statistics and data handling.

When your child is ready to begin completing practice test papers we aim for a score of 80%+. Pupils who consistently score around this mark should be on track to pass the 11+ test. Whilst there are no guarantees, this is a strong indicator that they should do well in the Torbay 11+ exam.

NB. You should be aware that passing the test does not guarantee that your child will be offered a place. It simply means that they have surpassed the required threshold.

As well as covering all the content for the tests, it will be an important part of the sessions to learn efficient exam techniques to ensure your child has the best possible outcome. Familiarisation of the format, understanding the different question types, being aware of time limits and reading instructions carefully are all ways in which your child will keep calm and gain confidence. Practice, practice, practice is the key to maximise their chances of performing well in the exams!

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